MoDOT answers questions on roadway delays, response times -

MoDOT answers questions on roadway delays, response times

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( – Residents are voicing their frustration with MoDOT following a rough day on the roads.

One of News 4’s own crews were stuck most of the day, leaving downtown St. Louis at 12:30 p.m. and not getting to I-64 and Highway 141 until nearly 4 p.m.

The main traffic snarl came at the hill at the Maryville Centre Drive exit on I-64, within sight of a MoDOT office.

What is normally a 30-minute drive became a nightmare of a road trip for drivers.

“I mean nobody can go anywhere,” said one driver. “I’m not real sure why we’re stuck. But here we are and I have to get home to Lincoln County.  I’m hoping i’ll be home sometime… today.”

MoDOT says crews pretreated roads, but that will only do so much. Once accumulating snow hit and hit quickly, vehicles got stuck.

Even a small hill became a big problem. If cars and trucks slowed down or stopped, many couldn’t get going again.

Many stalled cars blocked lanes and created backup that further delayed road crews trying to clear the mess.

“That sleet and freezing rain that started falling, there’s zero traction when you get that down on the roadway,” said MoDOT Maintenance Engineer Becky Allmeroth. “It just takes one tractor trailer that cant make it out of the hill that jackknives or a car that spins off or blocks a lane or two and it ends up being gridlock. Once we have that we have to spring into action.”

By late afternoon, crews and helpful drivers were able to move stranded vehicles, the snow and sleet tapered off and plows were finally able to drive through.

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