St. Charles County receives mixed reviews on road conditions -

St. Charles County receives mixed reviews on road conditions

ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. ( -- On Wednesday, St. Charles County promised to do a better job cleaning and plowing roads.

Drivers said the main highways were clear, but the side roads were much worse to drive.

Sports cars, SUVs and even tractor trailers were stuck on the roads Thursday.

The St. Charles County Highway Department and the cities had full crews out on the roads but they said they can only work so fast.

Many vehicles stalled spun outs in some areas.

St. Charles County said they did pre-treat hundreds of miles in the days leading up to this storm.

Officials said that lead time was a major factor in how fast they were able to take care of things.

But some drivers said they expected more.

“I feel like they could be doing a little bit better than they are now,” said St. Charles County resident Caleb Hawkins, “The roads are still pretty messed up!”

St. Peter’s resident Marlena Glenn said she thought St. Charles County did a good job.

“I’ve been in St. Charles County for seven years now,” said Glenn, “and I think that this year they’ve done a really good job.”

Glenn also said she has experienced times when the roads were worse and she couldn’t drive out anywhere at all.

St. Charles County said crews will be out all night Thursday working 12 hour shifts.


They hope the roads will be much better by Friday morning’s commute.



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