Businesses preparing for emergency snow storm procedures -

Businesses preparing for emergency snow storm procedures

ST. LOUIS ( -- More than 200 schools are closed for Thursday, but many parents will still have to go to work.

MoDOT trucks will salt and plow the highways, but there are unsung heroes battling the winter storm by making sure sidewalks and parking lots are safe for people to get up and go to work.

WMV Enterprises will use 45 trucks to hit 110 parking lots overnight—including Boeing, Lowes and Walmart stores with a pre-emptive strike of salt.

“10 o’clock tonight through rush hour tomorrow we’ll have everything treated one time, sidewalks and parking lots ready to go,” said Frank Mead with WMV, “And then we will follow the storm as it dictates.”

Hospitals will also go through procedures to ensure the safety of those who come in.

“Well the pre-storm check list we use at Mercy,” said Mercy regional manager Jeff Hamilton, “starts out 72-hours in advance.”

Mercy will also arrange four-wheel drive transportation for employees or book hotel rooms. Employees will also check critical supplies and home health patients, but the emergency room staff won’t go up initially.

“Usually the day of is the more trauma from people who have been in car accidents,” Hamilton said, “But surprisingly it’s as the storm matures that we get a higher volume.”

Many people stay in on the first day of a storm, it’s when they get out on the second day that the number of falls goes up and ER rooms get busy.


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