Metro East road crews primed to handle oncoming storm -

Metro East road crews primed to handle oncoming storm

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( -- While IDOT prepares the highways for the oncoming storm, cities across the Metro East are also busy tonight making plans for the storm.

In Belleville, crews will be out on the roads before midnight to begin pre-treating the surfaces with a brine solution to get a step ahead of the storm.

Across the region, each city is taking their steps to prepare.

“Every road and every alley we don’t stop till it’s taken care of,” said Matt Taul with Edwardsville Public Works.

As many as a dozen trucks and two dozen workers will hit the roads in Edwardsville on Thursday morning. Crews already spent Wednesday pre-treating.

Melting solutions were also put down on the roads in Fairview Heights in St Clair County.

In nearby O’Fallon, road crews are waiting for morning to act.

“If it’s as bad as what we’ve seen and hearing we may well be on every street before it’s all over,” said Public Works Director Dennis Sullivan. “Because the re-freezing problem is our problem.”

Perhaps the biggest challenge in the Metro East may be in Alton, where steep hills and brick streets will get priority treatment from crews.

“Quite frankly, the routes are set and people are assigned,” said Brad Cunningham, Director of Parks and Recreation for Alton. “Really we’re just waiting on the weather right now.”

One good thing all the cities have in common is salt supplies. 2011-2012’s mild winter and the lack of snow so far in 2012-2013 have many cities in the Metro East with two-year supplies in storage.

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