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Police adding 100 officers to neighborhoods in St. Louis city

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) -- St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said the department will add a hundred more officers to the streets in Shaw, Baden and downtown neighborhoods.

Crime has gone up more than 20% throughout the city of St. Louis and the additional officers are an effort to reduce that number.

Chief Dotson said the additional officers will be taken away from specialized units such as SWAT, narcotics and several others.

Chief Dotson wants to focus on parts of north and south city along with the central corridor.

"I'm not shifting officers from one district to another," said Chief Dotson, "I'm taking specialized units, officers that have the ability to roam the city now and giving them specific missions and then measure in six months to see if it has an impact."

Baden resident Precious Robertson said the kids in the neighborhood would benefit from the added officers.

"There's kids playing out there that wanna play," said Robertson, "They can't even come outside on the porch without hearing gunshots across the street."

Chief Dotson said the officers will not be undercover by any means. The officers will be out on foot, knocking on doors and patrolling the neighborhoods looking for anything suspicious.

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