Contractor accused of rip-off scheme; elderly couple pays $92,00 -

Contractor accused of rip-off scheme; elderly couple pays $92,000

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( -- Do you have elderly parents? Then News 4 has a guy you need to watch out for: A contractor who found easy profits form of an elderly couple who he approached for all kinds of questionable repairs.

When News 4’s Chris Nagus went to confront Lloyd Taylor, he first ran into an entertaining character dressed up in a “Beer Delivery Guy” sweatshirt. He worked for Lloyd, but Lloyd had no problem driving off in a van and leaving him behind when we tried to ask him questions.

News 4 spoke with numerous St. Louisians who hired Lloyd Taylor and his company A1 Tuckpointing.

Tom Williamson of Pasadena Hills says Taylor took his $300 deposit then split.

Edward Stewart hired Taylor to rip out and replace his driveway in O’Fallon, MO. Taylor and his crew ripped out the drive then bolted, Stewart estimates he’s out around $5,000.

“He told me be patient, have trust in him. He was going to get back to me,” said Stewart. “To no avail I kept calling he never got back to me.”

He had to pay another contractor $4,500 to finish the job.

Dave Jeffris of Bellefontaine Neighbors knows what that’s like. Jeffris paid Taylor $1,500 to rip out and replace a section of his driveway.

Taylor ripped out the pavement then left- leaving Jeffris on the hook to hire someone else to finish the job.

Dwight Johnson says Taylor approached 89-year-old Georgia Falwell and her 92-year-old husband, who suffers from dementia, about replacing the roof on their North St. Louis home.

Johnson says Taylor kept finding problems with the Falwell’s home and kept asking them to write big checks to fix them. 

Johnson says Taylor did tuck-point one side of the house, tore up and replaced the garage floor, and did some digging in the basement to replace pipes.

However, small jobs turned into really expensive ones and there’s no doubt in Johnson’s mind the Falwells were gouged.

“He claimed because they had a slow running drain on the second floor they were going to have to do some more plumbing bring in more pipes knock out the west wall knock out a hole in the ceiling” said Johnson.

He says all together the Falwells paid Taylor $92,000 for repairs, $22,000 more than the home is worth according to

News 4 tried to get in touch with Taylor, but he drove away from our crews when they spotted him driving in a windowless license-plate-lacking van.

When he called News 4’s Chris Nagus back in December, Taylor originally agreed to a meeting at the Arby’s in the Central West End, but he cancelled the fast food lunch at the last minute.

All of his customers identified the man who drove away in the van as Lloyd Taylor.

They also recognized the “Beer Delivery Guy’ as one of Lloyd’s helpers.

Lloyd contacted News 4 on Tuesday February 19, 2013 and admitted he fell behind on some of these jobs but chalks most of it up to health problems.

As for the Falwells, Lloyd says he was only doing what they asked for, the Falwells, and their family disagree.

Lloyd Taylor has done business under other company names, you can find those companies and the Better Business Bureau warning about him here.


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