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Missouri lawmaker introduces bill making gun control proposals illegal

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 JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KMOV.com/AP) -- A Missouri lawmaker has introduced a bill that would make it illegal for anyone to introduce legislation that restricts gun ownership.

Representative Mike Leara from south St. Louis County is leading the charge in the capitol against the bill democrats introduced last week call for confiscating assault rifles.

“It’s a little bit of push back we see people filing bills trying to confiscate our personal property,” said Leara, “And it was time to push back and say enough is enough.”

Rep. Leara introduced House Bill No. 633 Monday which would charge any member of the assembly with a Class D felony if they proposed any ban on firearms.

That would include Creve Couer Democrat Jill Schupp who is co sponsoring an assault weapons ban.

“We don’t want any more children or family members, neighbors, friends, dying from gun violence,” said Schupp, “You know if I was intimidated by that then this might not be a good place for me to be.”

The proposed law Schupp sponsored, HB 545, is modeled after the ban passed in New York state and would require all assault weapon owners to remove their guns from the state or turn them in to police in 90 days.

Other Democratic lawmakers don’t seem fazed by the bill.

Senator Maria Chappelle Nadal has a bill forcing parents who own guns to lock them up and keep them from children.

“I’m not under the illusion this bill will become law, but it was sending a statement that we’ve had enough,” said Leara, “There are people here who believe in second amendment rights.”


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