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Owner allegedly stands by as dog mauls, kills toddler

SABINAL, TEXAS -- A local toddler was killed after a pit bull mauled the boy in his neighbor's backyard. 

Richard Aguilar and Lisa Gonzales say their young son Isaiah was playing with a balloon that blew into their neighbor's yard. When the child ran into the yard to retrieve the balloon, a pit bull chained there lunged at the boy. 
Isiah's screams brought his father and brother running to his rescue. But the family says, by then it was too late. Isaiah died from his injuries. 
The victim's family says the homeowner was standing in his doorway when the attack began in his front yard, but didn't come to the little boy's aid.
"He looked out the door and my baby was laying right there in front of his door. He shook his head "no" and he shut the door and not one time did he open it back up," Lisa Gonzales said.
The dog has been quarantined in Uvalde by Sabinal police. The investigation continues, but it is unknown what charges, if any, the homeowner could face, as the dog was restrained on his property.


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