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1 In 70M odds: Woman gives birth to two sets of identical twins

HOUSTON — Tressa Montalvo remembers vividly the day her doctor told her she wasn’t just having twins, she was having twins – twice.

"When we got to Dr. Kirshon’s office, he was quick to say right away, ‘You have four,’" Montalvo said. "And, of course, I just couldn’t believe it. If I wasn’t already lying down on that table, I would have been on the floor."

What makes these four even more remarkable for Montalvo and her husband, Manuel, is that these are not technically quadruplets. They are two sets of identical twins born on Valentine’s Day.

"Basically, I just pumped my fist and I was like, ‘Yes! Home run,’" said Manuel with a laugh, recounting the news that almost knocked his wife to the floor.

"It was overwhelming. You sit there and you’re crying and you’re not even sure why you’re crying. It’s just everything," said Tressa as she visited her four new sons Monday in the NICU at the Woman’s Hospital of Texas. "Are you excited? Are you afraid? It’s just everything. All the emotions come flowing in."

Tressa, 36, and Manuel, 43, did not use fertility drugs or in vitro. They were trying naturally to have a brother or sister for their first son, Memphis. The two-year-old saw his four new brothers for the first time Monday.

"We planned the pregnancy," Tressa said. "I guess we just succeeded a little too much!"

The Montalvos decided to start at the top of the alphabet to keep the names easy. Ace and Blaine, the first set of identical twins, were born first at 3 lbs. 10 oz. and 3 lbs. 15 oz. respectively.

Cash and Dylan, the second set of identical twins, were born next at 2 lbs. 15 oz. and 3lbs. 6 oz.

All four boys are healthy and could be going home in the next four to six weeks.

"The fact that now you’ve got four babies in there, two sets of identical twins, puts that number at one in many millions," said Dr. Brian Kirshon of the Woman’s Hospital of Texas.

"We do feel like we hit the jackpot yeah," said Tressa. "The biggest blessing ever. Tremendous."

"Blessing. Miracle," added Manuel.

"We’re looking forward to having a big family and all the fun times," said Tressa. "Yeah all the fun times that are going to be ahead."

And the Montalvos admit they would still like to try having a girl. However, with the results of their now remarkable 1-in-70 million odds, they say they’ll wait several years before taking that chance again.

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