Metro insists security is adequate, despite recent murder -

Metro insists security is adequate, despite recent murder

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

( -- Police arrested a St. Louis man last Friday, three days after he allegedly shot and killed a man at the Laclede's Landing MetroLink stop. Metro officials insist their technology and security staff are adequate to keep passengers safe.

Metro officials say they spend millions each year on security, with dispatchers monitoring all 37 platforms all day and night.

"Sometimes our dispatchers will see something on the platform that looks suspicious," said Richard Zott, head of Metro security. "So they'll call it out to the platform guy saying, 'Hey, there's a suspicious individual -- go check him out.'"

Still, robberies, assaults and even murders continue to happen on Metro property. Zott said criminals wait until security guards step away from MetroLink platforms, then prey upon riders. In these cases, Zott said security cameras are crucial.

"If someone commits a crime, we can zoom in, get a still photograph and pass that out," Zott said.

Surveillance cameras are installed on platforms, trains and buses. Zott said Metro plans to install audio receivers on bus cameras in the near future.

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