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Abundance of first-time scorers in 2013 strike Blues

(HockeyStL) -- After Ryan Kesler and Henrik Sedin notched their first goals of the season Sunday, I began to wonder how many goals have the Blues allowed this season to first-time scorers.

It seems like on a nightly basis the Blues are giving up a goal to someone who either hasn’t scored or rarely scores. Now I am not stating that Kesler, who has played in only two games this year, or Sedin, who has had a rough time finding a goal, are not goal scorers.

It just seems that the Blues are exactly what a goalless player wants to see to get that elusive goal. That’s all.

Through 15 games played, the Blues have allowed 47 goals and, of those, 21 have been scored by first-timers this season. Those players have combined to score 38 total goals this season.

Only ten of the 21 players have gone on to score again this season. The Predators’ Colin Wilson and Ducks’ Andrew Cogliano have scored three more goals each since scoring against the Blues.

If you want to take it one step further, this only pertains to 13 games because two games, including the season-opener, were shutouts. That’s right -- 21 different players got their first goal of the season against the Blues in 13 games.

So what could be the cause of this trend? The poor play to start the month of February was a contributing factor. In addition, Blues coach Ken Hitchcock often states that his team didn’t play a full sixty minute hockey game. As a result, when shifts ease up then the more likely a goal is to go in no matter who takes the shot.

Does it mean much? Probably not. It’s just an interesting tidbit.

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