Accidents causing major delays near Blanchette Bridge -

Accidents causing major delays near Blanchette Bridge

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By Belo Content KMOV By Belo Content KMOV

ST. CHARLES, Mo. ( -- Drivers heading through the Blanchette Bridge work zone are used to changes, and to recent delays.

Accidents over the last few weeks have jammed traffic for miles along Interstate 70 in St. Charles. On Thursday, traffic was backed up for miles when a car hit a pedestrian on the interstate.

MoDOT officials say they originally planned to hire a company to tow away disabled vehicles, but that plan has since been scrapped.

"It was more than what our budget would allow," said MoDOT engineer Tom Evers. "It was not cost effective to pursue it."

Instead, MoDOT plans to evaluate recent accidents, and may ask law enforcement to crack down on speeding drivers.

"If they just calm down and slow down, everything will be fine and you can work your way on across," Evers said.

MoDOT officials say they do have some money available to help the highway patrol with extra traffic enforcement near the Blanchette Bridge. One "motorist assist operator" remains on duty each day during rush hour.

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