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Missouri bill would clamp down on texting while driving

(KMOV.com) -- Anyone caught texting at the wheel in Illinois gets a ticket, but in Missouri the law only applies to drivers under 21. A new bill in the Missouri House would make texting illegal for all drivers.

Missouri House Bill 394 would allow drivers to text only if they have technology for hands-free voice texting. Missouri Highway Patrol Sergeant Al Nothum says traditional texting is never safe at the wheel.

"No one can text and drive their vehicle safely," said Sgt. Nothum. "It's impossible. You just can't do it."

In 2012, the Missouri Highway Patrol wrote 70 tickets for texting-related violations.

"Everybody has taken their eyes off the road for a second and hit the rumble strips, and in your mind you're thinking, 'Wow, I got lucky,'" said Sgt. Nothum. "Well, you did get lucky. And eventually it's going to catch up with you."

If the current texting bill is approved, the law would go into effect on Aug. 28. A similar bill was proposed last year, but was held up in committee.

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