Kenmore keeps News 4 viewers in the dark on exploding oven doors -

Kenmore keeps News 4 viewers in the dark on exploding oven doors

(KMOV) -- A News 4 investigation into exploding glass on Kenmore oven doors raised concerns. We’ve heard from viewers who experienced the exploding glass and others who had questions. But one News 4 viewer still can’t get a straight answer from Kenmore.

In our investigation Monday a Kenmore/Sears spokesman acknowledged that they are fully aware the glass on their oven doors can explode if they have a micro-fracture (small crack). We pointed out that customers have no idea their glass can explode as it did for Katie Andrews in her Normandy home. Thankfully she, her husband, and their kids were in the other room at the time. So the spokesman recommended customers contact Kenmore Customer Care.

Jason Dunn saw the News 4 investigation Monday night.

“It caught my attention because both myself and my grandmother own a Kenmore oven,” Dunn said. So Thursday he did an online chat with customer care asking if his Kenmore 790 Oven glass could explode. “They couldn't basically tell me anything about Kenmore's, anything about exploding doors.”

The other suggestion from the Kenmore spokesman was for customers to consult their owner’s manual. On Thursday we found an owner’s manual for a 790 oven online. It warns “most oven doors contain glass that can break.”  But it doesn’t say anything about exploding similar to what happened to Andrews and dozens of others who have filed complaints.

“It's something they knew they had a problem with that (News 4) contacted them with,” Dunn said. “And when I confronted them about that they didn't acknowledge that at all.”

On Thursday I emailed, texted, and called the spokesman, but I got a response that he was off the rest of the week on personal time. But when I pressed him on Monday concerning the lack of information available to customers I got this response: “So John, at this point all I can say is we do appreciate your help educating customers about the potential.”

You can count on News 4 to stay on top of the story and continue to follow up with viewer concerns.

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