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Police called on mother trying to report crime against 11-year-old son

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By Eric Lorenz By Eric Lorenz

O’FALLON, Illinois (KMOV) -- A local mother says she’s searching for answers after police were called on her while she was trying to report a crime against her 11-year-old son.

Diontre Berry says he was walking to Estelle Kampmeyer Elementary School in O’Fallon, Illinois, on Monday when a man in his 30s wearing black sweatpants and a black hooded sweatshirt tried to grab him.

“He says, ‘come here kid, I got a surprise for you,’” said Diontre. “He flipped a Swiss army knife out and put it by his side like he was going to sneak attack me or something.”

Diontre took off running and says the man chased after him.

“He was faster than me,” said Diontre. “So he was like two feet in front of me, that far. So I put on the brakes, stopped and went through (a guys’) yard.”

He was able to get away.

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When he told his mother what happened, she went to the school principal. But according to her, he did nothing.

She went back again Wednesday morning, but he called police, citing Blairs unruly behavior.

“I asked the school principal to help me out in this situation,” said Tammy Blair, Diontre’s mother. “He refuses to do so ‘cause he doesn’t want to get people scared, but my point is people need to be scared rather than dead.”

While the principal refused to talk with News 4 on camera, school district superintendant Todd Koehl said the principal called police because she was being, “unruly and scaring the other kids.”

“The safety of our students is our primary concern, especially to and from school and while they’re in the building,” said Koehl.

Extra officers with O’Fallon police are patrolling nearby neighborhoods.



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