Final Mega Millions Lottery winner to be announced in Red Bud -

Final Mega Millions Lottery winner to be announced in Red Bud

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Red Bud, IL (KMOV)-- News 4 is getting ready to bring you live coverage as the Illinois State Lottery officials announce who is the third, and final winner of the Mega Millions lottery record-setting jackpot.

  For nearly three weeks the story has been the talk of the town around Red Bud, and much of the country, as people try to find out who holds the winning ticket.

  Lottery officials have said very little about the winner, except to say that it is a single winner and apparently not a group of friends or co-workers who pooled their money to buy lottery tickets.

   Lottery officials have also said that it is a "Red Bud resident". 

   Residents around Red Bud are mixed when you ask them if they believe they know who holds the winning ticket.  Some residents will say that there are several names being floated around town.  Others will say they have no idea who the winner might be.

   The winning ticket is worth $218.6 million dollars.  The winners from the lottery tickets that were sold in Kansas and Maryland have already claimed their portion of the lottery money.  They remained anonymous.  But the rules vary from state to state.  Illinois generally requires a winner to come forward and make a public appearance.

   News 4 spoke with two employees from the public relations firm that handles the Illinois State Lottery.  They say that the state director of the lottery will be at this morning's announcement.  The mayor of Red Bud is also expected to say a few words before the winner is announced.   The PR employees say that reporters will be allowed to ask "five or six questions" of the winner.

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