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Rams open up voluntary minicamp

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- Jeff Fisher conducted his first NFL practice since being fired by the Tennessee Titans in 2010.  Being away from the game for more than a year, the Rams new Head Coach said it felt good to be back at work; more specifically back on the field.

“I haven’t lost a game in over a year, so it felt pretty good, yeah. Personally, it was very exciting for me to get out there just because of what we’ve been doing. Starting with the staffing, to the personnel in free agency, and now we’re right in the middle of draft meetings, as you can imagine. It’s not the best time in the world to have this type of session, but we have to get the work done,” said Fisher.

And that “work” today included installing the new offensive and defensive systems.   While the players want to fully understand and put the playbooks to work quickly, during minicamp, Fisher cautions going full speed.

“This is the third week of the offseason program, we have to be very mindful of pulls because they’re not in playing shape right now. That was the emphasis this morning in the meeting was protect each other, No. 1. I don’t want anybody diving for balls or grabbing jerseys or really opening up if you don’t feel good. They have to be smart about it and we have to learn how to practice, but at this time in the offseason, you have to be very careful and mindful. We just don’t want to lose anybody,” Fisher said.

And Fisher certainly doesn’t want to lose his starting quarterback. Last year Sam Bradford was sacked 36 times, leading to an ankle injury which kept him out of six games.  Has the former number one overall pick lived up to expectations? Not yet, but now entering year three, Bradford knows it’s time to prove to people he can be elite.

“Obviously last year was very disappointing as far as the injury, my performance. It just wasn’t up to par with what I expected from myself. So there’s no doubt that I’m extremely excited to get back out there this year and prove to myself and to everyone else that I can be the type of player I think I can be,” said Bradford.

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