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Owner of roofing company in touch with client after unfinished job

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) -- Don Berry admitted to News 4 in March that he had ripped off some of his roofing customers.  He promised me he would make it right and now we are making sure he does.

On March 28, Berry told News 4 he would be out the next week to start the roof of Johnathan Bolden in Blackjack. 

“I talked to you guys and you were going to help us out, and all of a sudden he called in,” Bolden said.
But so far it has just been empty phone calls.  Bolden paid Berry $3400 on May 28 and never had any work done.  On Tuesday, Bolden showed me his ceilings that have stains from the leaking roof that still has not been fixed.  I also reached out to Berry and once again he called Bolden with another promise.
“I got another phone call today,” Bolden said.  “And he is now keeping in touch with me and letting me know his intentions which definitely was not happening until you guys got involved.  And so he promised me he would be out here by the end of the week.”

Berry does have customers who are very satisfied including the man who recommended him to Bolden.  But Berry says he did not finish some jobs because he lost the money gambling at the casinos.  He says he is now on the right track and getting help to turn his life around.

Berry told me Tuesday night that he will fix Bolden’s roof and ceiling for half the original fee.  And he said he’ll get started by the end of the week.
And you can count on us to make sure he follows through with this promise.

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