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Local organization prepares low-income students for college

MAPLEWOOD, Mo. (KMOV) -- Only one out of ten students from low-income backgrounds graduate from college.  One organization, College Bound, is working hard to change that statistic by educating students on the range of colleges that are available to them.

Maplewood Richmond Heights senior Jasmyn Epps made up her mind at an early age that she was going to college, but she was not quite sure how to make it happen.

"I was a little lost because my parents did not go to college so I did not know where to start, when to start, so I was a little lost," Epps said.  "So I knew learning about College Bound that they would be a program to help me and to get my foot in the door."     

Low income, at-risk students are chosen for College Bound as freshman.

"We work either with a family if there is a family, or we become a second family to those students and we do that from the time they are in ninth grade through the time that they graduate from college and now we are helping our first set of graduates look for jobs," Lisa Orden Zarin, College Bound CEO and Founder, said.

The program is offered through their two community-based sites which serves students from other schools in addition to having a daily presence in four local schools.

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