Violent weekend in St. Louis leaves 12 people injured in 9 separ -

Violent weekend in St. Louis leaves 12 people injured in 9 separate shootings

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- One innocent neighbor was struck by gunfire while standing inside her kitchen, and two houses and a car were also hit by random shots in another case. 

It's enough to make you sick -- gunfire flying where kids are playing.  This is about more than settling a score when you've got innocent people affected.  As of Monday, a team of detectives has been assigned to figure out which of these cases are connected.

Witnesses say gunfire from an AK-47 interrupted a Sunday bar-b-que.

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"We just hear ‘pow pow pow pow pow!’" Andrea Powell said.  "[My daughter] noticed a guy over that way when we're getting ready to go in the house and ‘pow pow pow pow pow' some more."

Bullets shattered siding and barreled into the home of a innocent neighbor.  A 44-year-old grandmother was shot in her arm while standing in her kitchen on Oriole.  The man next door was critically hurt by the gunfire.

"I mean [bullets] go up but who's to say where they're going to land?" Powell said.  "It's scary -- especially with the kids being in that house."

Police say an AK was also used in a triple shooting outside Lavish nightclub on Saturday. 

Then there's three other shootings police think could be connected: also on Saturday, two teens were shot in two separate drivebys on Tower Grove at Manchester.  The suspects -- two men with dreadlocks -- were seen driving away in a black, Chevy Impala.  Police think it could be the same gunmen who critically injured a 16-year-old on Thomas Street when they fired off several shots, some of which hit nearby homes and a car.

"I had to jump on the floor, crawling on the floor telling my girls to get on the floor because someone's out there shooting," Patricia Dora said.  "We don't know what's going on, and that's real bad -- in my own home."

"When we were growing up, we fought with these," Powell said as she held up her fists.  "That's all we needed. You win some, you lose some, but you lived another day."

And neighbors know streets will be safer with the shooters locked away.


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