Normandy family says glass oven exploded inside home -

Normandy family says glass oven exploded inside home

NORMANDY, Missouri (KMOV) -- News 4 is working to get answers for a Normandy family whose glass oven exploded inside their home.

The Andrews family said they were all in separate rooms when they heard an explosion. Katie Andrews went into the family’s kitchen and found shattered glass everywhere.

The oven is a Kenmore 790 and was purchased brand-new five years ago.  A quick Google search found dozens of complaints about the oven, including others who said theirs exploded as well.  Many documented complaints can be found at Consumer Product Safety Commission.

A CPSC spokesman says they have not done anything concerning the exploding Kenmore oven doors or warned anyone.  All the spokesman could say is that the CPSC is currently taking a broad look at kitchen appliances.

Katie Andrews says she is upset she had never been notified about the potential exploding glass considering many complaints were from five years prior.

News 4 has been in contact with Sears, the parent company of Kenmore, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

“A glass door can break as result of a micro-fracture, a small crack,” said spokesman Larry Costello.  “Once a micro fracture is in the glass, the break can occur really anytime.”

News 4’s John Knicely asked Kenmore if they will refund the Andrews family.

“We’re happy to look into that further,” Costello said.



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