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Emotions run high in Stanley Cup playoffs

(HockeyStL)—Emotions ran high during Game 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs against the San Jose Sharks. Major brawls broke out across the ice as the teams tie it up, 1-1.

Blues goalie, T.J. Oshie believes “when you play a team a couple times in a row, the emotions seem to keep building and building, especially in the playoffs.  Makes the series much more of a grind, battle.”

Defenseman, Barret Jackman knows both teams are going for the same thing, “the W’s” and the ultimate prize is the Stanley Cup. “They’re standing in our way and we’re standing in theirs.”

The guys riding on the bench see their teammates taking hits and making hits, “it makes you want to contribute just as much or more,” Blues goalie Brian Elliott said.

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