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2 Local school districts discuss merging programs

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. (KMOV) -- Two of the area's largest school districts are discussing merging two programs.
The Parkway and Rockwood school boards are considering consolidating community education and recreational sports programs as a cost-cutting measure.

The districts say it is too soon to tell if the potential merger would also trim staff.

Both Parkway and Rockwood school districts offer community education outside of the classroom such as football camp, art, and 'fun with math' classes.  The districts say even printing the program brochures as one could save money.  The programs are not funded through tax dollars and are self-sufficient, paid for by the people who use them -- not just students, but also community members.

Parkway and Rockwood say they barely break even and duplicate some classes.  With lean budgets affecting nearly every school district in the metro area, these schools hope it is a forward-thinking approach to keeping community education running.  In fact, leaders say consolidating could even drum up some extra revenue.

Parkway parents heard the proposal Wednesday night and Rockwood parents will hear it tomorrow.  The merge could happen in time for fall of 2013.

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