It must stink being a Brewers fan -

It must stink being a Brewers fan

(BaseballStL) – If they weren’t such pests last year, we might be tempted to feel sorry for Brewers fans.

The nonsense of Nyjer Morgan and his Tony Plush sideshow, the toothless “beast mode,” the Ryan Braun did he or didn’t he and the reality that of all the big name free agents on the block during the off season – their team was the one that everyone knew had zero chance of keeping their all star first baseman.

Not only did their wild winning streak come to a screeching halt when the Brewers were eliminated from the playoffs by their arch rival – the team that their loud-mouthed center fielder predicted would be watching the playoffs from home. To make matters worse their loud-mouth centerfielder misplayed otherwise routine fly balls off of Cardinals bats to seal their fate.

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But that was then, this is now. A new season and a fresh start, minus a Prince but the Braun restored, the Brewers got the Cardinals at home at “The Keg” for a little payback. The irony is that with St. Louis in town, the Brewers and their fans couldn’t celebrate or even acknowledge the Division Championship banner hanging over the outfield. That banner is merely a reminder of a nightmare that started last fall and lingered through the winter. Then in the third inning of Opening Day - as Cardinal sluggers teed off on their ace – that nightmare regurgitated with an awful, but familiar taste of futility.

With the changes on both teams, this season’s rivalry will most likely be ratcheted down a notch and rooted in a mutual respect as opposed to the cocky attitudes and accusations of last year.

So Brewers fans, we feel for you. But let’s make this clear. We will beat you. We will give your left fielder three kinds of you-know-what for his testing “issues,” and we promise we will be relentless and cast our wrath on that Nyjer Bozo at every – every - opportunity.

The reality is that the Brewers are a good team with great fans. But their reality is that the Cardinals team and  Cardinals fans are just better. Much better.

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