St. Charles County implements plan to halt criminal towing compa -

St. Charles County implements plan to halt criminal towing companies

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. CHARLES, Missouri (KMOV) – St. Charles County is providing a new way to protect consumers from crooked tow-truck companies.  

County officials say they are handing over background check duties to the sheriff’s department, so officers can prevent criminal tow truck companies from ripping off consumers.   

“Pretty common knowledge, you wouldn't want your 17-year-old daughter to break down on the road and some creeper comes pick her up. We don't want that stuff going on,” said St. Charles County Councilman Joe Brazi.

Council officials say crooks are found everywhere in the towing business and they want to give consumers insurance that they are taken care of - not taken advantage of - when being towed. 

“One of the biggest tow truck driver was a guy who was indicted for all kinds of things like fraud and theft and had charges reduced to tax evasion," said Brazil. "So, we had a lot of problems with tow truck drivers in the county; so we're trying to do things to straighten it up and that's really the bottom line."

Tow truck companies in St. Charles County will not be issued a license if workers are convicted of any felony, theft, or assault.

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