Opening Day: The wait for baseball in St. Louis is over -

Opening Day: The wait for baseball in St. Louis is over

(BaseballStL) -- I can see it already, in my mind’s eye. The greatest day of the year in St. Louis is almost upon us and it makes you feel like Christmas and summer all wrapped into one.

The home opener signifies rebirth. The rebirth of a new season, the rebirth of winning and the hope for what this new baseball season brings. You can’t sleep the night before because you’re so anxious.

As a child, you hoped and begged your parents to let you be absent from school so you could go to the game or even downtown to enjoy the festivities. Or if your parents wouldn’t let you out of school, you rushed home as fast as possible to watch the game.

That learned behavior transfers into your adult years. You play hooky from work or schedule a half-day off just to be a part of the masses.

Walking through the Cardinal Sea of Red (someone should really grab that Twitter handle), you’ll swear you’ve never seen this many people at Opening Day before and then you’ll say, “It’s probably because of Ballpark Village.” But later you’ll go to Ballpark Village in a vain attempt to catch a glimpse of the big screen.

You’ll stop by all the rallies, hoping to snag all of the free gear from every outlet all while clutching your beverage firmly in your hand.

If you have a ticket, you’ll be in your seat as soon as the gates open not wanting to miss a single second of the opening ceremony, especially excited to watch the Clydesdales parade around the warning track followed by those amazing Hall of Famers in red.

The only thing that makes the day better is a Cardinal victory. The Redbirds have not won a home opener since 2010. So you’ll cheer, scream, paint your face, deck yourself out in Cardinal apparel and join in with the rest of the city, because baseball is back in St. Louis and you’re happy. 

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