Alton Middle School disputing with officials about flooded basem -

Alton Middle School disputing with officials about flooded basement repair

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- Alton Middle School and the city of Alton are disputing over who should pay for repairs of a couple’s basement after a sinkhole next to the middle school flooded their basement.

On Wednesday, more than six feet of water flooded the home of Stacy Forister.

"Im very upset. I can’t cry anymore tears,” Forister said. “Im out of tears and I don’t know whose problem this is, but I know it’s not ours.”

The water is coming from the sinkhole next door at Alton Middle School. The sinkhole collapsed two years ago, but school officials say they see it as a storm sewer that existed before the school was built and aren’t sure if they even tap into it. They say it just exists beneath their property.

However, Alton city officials say the school inherited the problem when the school was built and may have to pay to fix it which would cost $700,000.

“We are working with the school board right now to help them fix their problem. They are a public entity so it is the city of Alton,” said Robert Arnhart of Alton Public Works. “It’s hard to come by funds to fix that.”

Both the school and the city agreed to pitch in about $1000 each to pay a local engineering firm and are still discussing who will pay the final repair bill.

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