Blues trying to be top dog in NHL -

Blues trying to be top dog in NHL

Check the standings in the NHL and you’ll see an obvious thing.  The St. Louis Blues sit atop the entire league – not just the Western Conference – in points.  They’re tied with Boston at 111 but the Bruins have played one fewer game than the Note. 

Anaheim sits at 108 points while San Jose has 107.  The winner takes the coveted President’s Trophy, annually awarded to the team that finishes with the most points. 

Ultimately, that distinction means little.  It’s a nice honor to have but in the end that’s not what teams play for.  The Stanley Cup is all that matters, especially for a team that’s never won one in its history. 

But not everyone on the Blues see it that way.

“Your goal for nine months is to be the top dog and we still have a chance to be the top dog,” head coach Ken Hitchcock said this morning after Blues practice. “We’re tied right now.  It’s a great race (between) us and Boston.  We just want to keep playing well and keep getting points and putting pressure on those other teams.

“The thing is when you finish on the 12th of April you move on quickly.  The next day you’re talking about your playoff opposition.  You move on quickly but why not play for something right now?  You’ve spent all this time working towards this (so) put your best foot forward,” Hitchcock said.

Players say they just want to be playing well going into the postseason.  They want to try and simulate playoff intensity in each of their final six games. 


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