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Local felon runs for Mexico border hours after posting high bond

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

 (KMOV) --  The St. François County Sheriff’s Department said a 51-year-old man was picked up by authorities in Texas after he attempted to flee to Mexico days after his release.

Skyle Marberry has a lengthy criminal past and was recently picked up for an assault charge then bonded out and ran for the border.

US Border Patrol caught Marberry trying to get across the border from Texas into Mexico hours after his release.

He’s well known to the local sheriff’s department after previously serving time for drug and theft crimes.

We’ve been dealing with him for the last several years in this county. Off and on he disappears then shows back up,” said Sheriff Dan Bullock.

Sheriff Bullock said Marberry stabbed a man back in October of 2012. He was indicted on second-degree assault but it took more than a year for police to track him down.

“The warrant laid around for a while and Skyle never surfaced anywhere then on the 24, highway patrol ran into him on the number 8 highway,” said Bullock.

Last Week, hours after he was arrested he posted $125,000 cash-only bond. The court ordered him to get an ankle GPS monitoring device but he didn’t do it and headed to Mexico.

Sheriff Bullock said “they were chasing him on foot, I don’t know all the story behind that, and then he was picked up and held.”

Bullock said Marberry’s actions of past drug offenses, posting a big bond and running to Mexico may all add up to an involvement in drug trafficking.

“We are actually in touch with Border Patrol and Texas State Police and they are looking at those things I’m sure,” he said.

Marberry is in custody in Texas awaiting extradition. He now faces charges of first-degree assault and armed criminal action.

A judge has now set no bond. 

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