Man vows fast response time by St. Charles Co. EMS saved his lif -

Man vows fast response time by St. Charles Co. EMS saved his life

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 (KMOV) -- Voters are being asked for a property tax hike in the St. Charles County ambulance district again.

The district said it needs money to operate. Critics question spending decisions but a local man said it’s not a matter of politics but a matter of life and death.

A man who needed life-saving efforts from paramedics said he is concerned about possible delays in getting to patients.

There are possible staffing cut-backs and coverage issues that may delay emergency responders.

Lucas Stewart said several years ago he was a patient and he said if there’s been a delay, he would be dead. He doesn’t remember much from that night in August when he was struck along this stretch of Interstate 70.

“Basically, I remember my leg was severed below the knee...they had to take it off above the knee,” said Stewart.

He was 15-years-old when he decided to hitchhike to go see his girlfriend that night.

On Monday, he came to the ambulance district to say thanks to the paramedics who saved his life.

“Without you guys I wouldn't be here and I'm extremely grateful for the job you guys do,” said Stewart.

Stewart said he been wanting to meet them and let them know how he is doing.

"I've been contemplating it for a while and gave them a call about a week ago. I said I would love to meet the people who saved my life," Stewart. “As you can see I'm walking, got a great prosthetic leg here. Had that one for about a year."

John Kovach was there that night and he said in his 31 years on the job, there are a handful of calls you really remember. Stewart was one of them.

“Just being able to meet the people who saved my life. It was a life changing experience and I hope I was able to impact their live as much as they impacted mine,” he said.

Stewart says he's now got a daughter. He's met with other amputees such as military veterans and this fall he plans on going to school for automotive technology.

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