School defends decision to arrest local mother trying to console -

School defends decision to arrest local mother trying to console son

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- A News 4 investigation is garnering national attention.

Last week, News 4 told you about a mother who was arrested after she says she just wanted to help her special needs son at school. The incident led to a short school lockdown.

Both the Ferguson Florissant School District and the Calverton Park Police department said they did everything by the book.
They say the bottom line is the mother, Niekia Williams, didn't follow school policy, which warranted her arrest.
“If we would have let Ms. Williams pass on or move on, it's a double edge sword Mr. Stark that would have been chastised for not doing anything about the problem,” said Chief Vince Delia with the Calverton Police Department. “So in this case we followed it to the book to the tee.”
Last week, police did not take questions about the incident, and the school district would not go on camera to discuss it.
However, now they’re talking and say Williams caused a major disturbance at the school, and did not sign in at the front desk.
“She ran past the desk, a couple of staff members yelled out for her to stop and go to the main office, but she did not respond to those request,” said Jana Shortt, Communication Director for the Ferguson Florissant School District.
“Given the response this story has received we really feel like some additional information needed to be shared just so there was a greater understanding of what occurred that day,” said Shortt.
Police tell News 4 the school pressed charges for disturbing a school, which is a city ordinance violation. But there is conflicting information on how Williams got in the school. A letter sent home to parents says she was buzzed in, but police say that’s not what witnesses report.
“Statements that I received is that she gained entry to the building she went through the front doors while someone was going out,” said Delia. “It's my understanding she was not buzzed in.”
School District officials said they are still investigating the matter and working with the Williams family. Officials said they will drop the charges against Williams if that is a decision the district can make.  
Williams is scheduled to be in municipal court in late May.

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