After fatal incident MoDOT makes change to Sunset Hills crosswal -

After fatal incident MoDOT makes change to Sunset Hills crosswalk

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

( -- Two weeks ago, a woman in Sunset Hills was struck and killed while crossing Watson Road. The victim, an 86-year-old woman did not make it across the street before the light turned green and she was hit by oncoming traffic. Now MoDOT is making changes to the crosswalk.

The night of the crash the crossing time was only 13 seconds, but since the accident MoDOT has changed the crossing time to almost 20 seconds.

“My staff is always looking at things to make sure they can make any changes to help improve the situation,” Jeanne Olubogun with MoDOT, “It’s important that we give people sufficient time to cross the road.”

MoDOT said they have also checked other lights in the general area of Watson Road and Sunset Plaza to make sure the crossings meet the field measurements. MoDOT said they calculate crossing time based on a formula that counts a second per four feet. A 60 feet crossing should take roughly 16 seconds.

But Sunset Hills Mayor Bill Nolan said he doesn’t think an 86-year-old woman could cross the road in that amount of time. He said an officer will go out Friday night to time the crosswalk where the crash happened.

MoDOT said if anyone feels there is an intersection with a safety concern to go ahead and report it.



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