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Woman charged with stealing more than $20,000 from grandmother

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

(KMOV.com) -- A cold blooded crime against a trusting Metro-East grandmother and police say the suspect is a member of her family.

Granite City Police said Tammie Buehrer allegedly stole more than $20,000 from her own grandmother who is 91-years-old.

“Her granddaughter was taking care of her bills, but failed to do that,” said Major Jeff Connor, “She was actually given power of attorney and she took advantage of that by using her grandmother’s credit card and we believe over $20,000 was charged to that card.”

Police also allege that Buehrer was neglectful in giving her grandmother important pills for her health.

“[Buehrer’s grandmother] is actually living in an assisted living place,” Connor said, “And her bills aren’t being paid, because her granddaughter is taking advantage of her, just makes it that more sad.”

Authorities arrested Buehrer Wednesday and said she is facing charges for exploitation and neglect. 

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