Officials: Highway 79 safe despite rash of wrecks -

Officials: Highway 79 safe despite rash of wrecks

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By Belo Content KMOV By Belo Content KMOV

( — After a head-on crash killed a Winfield man, residents have made a call to action for officials to make Highway 79 safer in eastern Lincoln County.

Some say the roadway itself is dangerous, others argue the fault is with drivers not paying attention, speeding and passing in “no passing” zones.

Residents all agree too many lives have been lost along Highway 79. 

We asked the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office to look at the numbers.

Lieutenant Andy Binder says last year there were 26 crashes along highway 79 and two of county’s 11 fatal crashes were on the highway.

Most of the accidents are in the more populated southern half along the main arteries.

Highways 47, 61 and 79 have become a major problem, but statistically 79 does not stand out.

“Highway 79 in our opinion isn’t any more dangerous than Highway 61 or Highway 47 which stretches east and west and is where we have the majority of our accidents in Lincoln County,” Binder said. 

He added the county has put in for a state grant which would cover 280 hours of overtime for deputies to cover the main arteries and step up traffic enforcement.

They’ll find out next month if they’ll get it.

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