MLB players pick Cards to win World Series -

MLB players pick Cards to win World Series

The Cardinals just completed their spring training games with a less than impressive record of 11-13-2. If the experts are right, it may be the only time the Cardinals are below .500 for the season. In a poll of major league players, the Cardinals are the favorite to win the World Series.

In a survey performed by ESPN asking 142 anonymous players who they thought would win the Series, the Cardinals received 19% of the vote. The Detroit Tigers received 18%. The Los Angeles Dodgers 15%. The defending champion Boston Red Sox got 11% of the vote. It’s not exactly a unanimous opinion that the Cardinals are the best team in baseball, but the poll is an indication that major league players agree with much of the media that St. Louis is the team to beat. 

USA Today asked seven of its writers to predict who would win the National League pennant. Six of those writers picked the Cardinals. 

The odds makers in Las Vegas have a different opinion. The most recent odds from the bookmakers have the Dodgers as the favorite to win the 2014 World Series. Los Angeles is listed as a 5-1 favorite, Detroit 8-1, Washington 9-1, and the Cardinals 10-1. 


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