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Ex-husband wanted for questioning in womans assault claims

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

(KMOV) – Police are looking for the man accused of firing shots at a woman in her Washington County home.

Washington County Sheriff’s Department officials say Andrew Cross is only wanted for questioning at this point despite the fact Cross' ex wife says he put a gun to her head over the weekend and pulled the trigger.

“What was going through my head was I'm going to die and my kids aint going to have nobody,” said Jamie Kanan.

She described fearing for her life as her ex-husband, Cross, came barging into her Potosi home Sunday night.

Kanan was asleep when Cross is accused of dragging her.

“He took me to my bathroom where he took the top of my toilet bowl lid and busted it over my head I passed out,” said Kanan “I knew that if he didn't hit me that it was going to happen.”

She used mace on Cross as he fired, causing the bullet to narrowly miss her and Kanan eventually got away.

Now deputies are looking for Cross but is not being considered as a suspect or facing charges at this time.

“We need to just speak with him and get his version of the events he's not charged with any crimes,” said Lt. Jacobsen with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Kanan is left asking “how is it just questioning? I mean they know he did this I went to the hospital.”

Officials say Cross was last seen in the Park Hills area. Anyone with information is urged to call the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. 

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