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Wood River residents fear for safety as teens spotted with air rifle

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV) –Some residents in a Metro East city were alarmed and scared by teens walking down the street with what looked like a gun.

The residents are upset about the situation and with what police didn’t do in this case on Saturday afternoon.

"My window is right there and I hear three ping noises and I look out the window and there's two teenagers standing out there with a gun,” said Chantelle Gildersleeve.

Two teens walked along Haller Street in Wood River with what turned out to be an air rifle. No one was hit by the rifle.

"Whether it's a toy or real it can be mistaken for a real gun,” said resident, Chris Taylor.

When residents called police, they said nothing happened.

“The cops came?  and they came to my house, they said they didn't have any ammo in it and were just air shooting and they got a warning, i don't know after that.  Make you feel any better?  No I was still shaking by then,” said Gildersleeve.

Calls to the Wood River Police Chief by News 4’s Matt Sczesny went unanswered.

Less than two years ago, Illinois changed its law, allowing low-powered air rifles to not be considered firearms. Last fall, a man carrying a pellet gun that looked real was shot by police in Alton.

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