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Woman shares how birthday cruise trip turned 'nasty'

DALLAS - Going to the bathroom in bags, waiting in long lines for an onion sandwich and watching a baby drink regular milk because her parents have run out of formula are just a few of the horror stories Dr. Kay Trotter described Thursday from the deck of the Carnival Triumph.

“A 10 month old shouldn’t be drinking milk,” she said. “We’re doing great under the circumstances, but they’re horrible circumstances.”

The Flower Mound resident and therapist said the trouble began when they received an early morning wake-up call at 5:30 a.m. Sunday alerting passengers that the ships engines had caught fire.

“The lights totally went out in our cabin,” she said. “That’s when we knew we were in trouble. We got out and went on the deck and you could just see billowing smoke.”

Trotter was hoping to have a relaxing week-long cruise celebrating her 55th birthday with her husband, but instead has spent the last four days sleeping on the deck of the ship.

In exclusive photos and video Trotter provided to WFAA, people can be seen using bed sheets to make tents. Other video shows passengers walking around with their beds in hand trying to find a good location to bunker down.

“The bathroom system is probably worst of all,” she said. “Some of the toilets flush, but most do not; we are going to the bathroom in bags.”

Trotter said in some cabins, sewage has come up through the shower drains. However, she said that hasn’t happened in her cabin, which has no light because of the outage.

“We haven’t  been in our room except to take nasty, cold showers,” she said.

Trotter began to cry as she described the moment she finally got cell phone service and called home to Flower Mound, where her daughter and 10 month old twin grandchildren have anxiously been waiting for her return.

“I was doing great until I touched base at home and you’re like, ‘Oh yeah, we’ve been out at sea, adrift for days,'" she said.

As soon as Trotter and her husband arrive to Mobile, Alabama, they plan to board a bus straight for North Texas.

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