Caught on Camera: Texas teacher lassoing students -

Caught on Camera: Texas teacher lassoing students

ROWLETT — KMOV sister station WFAA has obtained a cell phone video shot by Tristan McKissick in his seventh grade history class at Schrade Middle School.

His instructor was teaching them about roping steer.

"He told me to stand here and take off running, and he was going to rope me," Tristan said. "So he threw it and roped me."

The video shows the Garland ISD teacher actually roping his students.

"He didn't pull or anything; he let go when he saw it go around his neck so it wouldn't hurt him," Tristan said.

Tristan and his parents said they're sharing the video because they want to show the teacher was just being creative and meant no harm.

"He shouldn't have done that, but he was just trying to teach them... to do something different, and I admire that," said Randy McKissick, Tristan's dad.

But the parents of a 13-year-old boy said their son was hurt in the exercise, and ended up with rope burns around his neck.

Most of the students thought the whole exercise was all in fun. But even Tristan McKissick agrees this was not a good idea.

"He probably shouldn't have done it, but he didn't mean to hurt anyone."

Garland ISD has placed the teacher on administrative leave pending the results of an investigation.


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