Caught on camera: Students, others fight on high school campus -

Caught on camera: Students, others fight on high school campus

HOUSTON -- It wasn’t just students who were involved in a fight that occurred at Booker T. Washington High School in Houston, Texas on Monday.

“Where is the administrative staff,” asked one woman. “Where’s the police,” pondered another.

The cell phone video showed young men and women -- most of them students -- punching and kicking each another in a hallway. The brawl lasted nearly a minute, and no one seemed able to break it up.

The images were recorded by a student who handed them over to a teacher. The teacher, fearing that things had gotten out of control at the school, shared the video with KHOU 11 News.

The images drew strong statements of concern from a member of the Booker T. High School PTA.

“Why did they have this much time in the hallway,” wondered John Branch. “The schools are supposed to be monitored by cameras. This is disturbing and upsetting.”

Some parents complained that fights have become a common occurrence at the school and take place two or three times a week.

Kiwandina Thomas said she saw a fight a few days ago in the front parking lot.

“It was with a bunch of kids and it’s like this every week,” said Thomas.

A school spokesperson blamed the most recent incident on a couple of off-campus agitators who gained access to the school after classes had been dismissed.

HISD police are investigating, and officials said some of those involved could face criminal charges.

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