Last-minute gift ideas for your Valentine -

Last-minute gift ideas for your Valentine

HOUSTON --  It may be last minute, but there is still time to find a unique gift for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

Tech guru Ashley Small suggests jewelry with a twist. You can create a necklace or bracelet with a customized QR code.  

The code will link your phone to a website of your choosing, such as a blog or photo album.

If that special someone is into music, Small suggests a ‘’ iPhone adapter. You can find it at

“It’s an accessory and a photo enhancement all in one,” Small said.

Yet celebrities are not the only ones moving into Best Buy territory this year. Brand name designers are stepping up too.

Kate Spade now has a USB drive in the shape of ring.  

And Marc Jacobs is selling ear buds in the shape of hearts.  

For the movie fanatic, Han Solo now comes in chocolate. The “carbonite” block can be found at 

In Houston, Annie Rupani of Cacao and Cardamom makes chocolates containing aphrodisiac ingredients. Flavors include “cardamom rosewater” and “Szechwan peppercorn.”

At Central Market in Highland Village, lovebirds have been buying them by the box.

“They may fall in love with the chocolate,” Rupani said. “I don’t know if it’s made them feel more in love!”

For those whose are into plants, the team at suggests a new product called “Click and Grow.”

Just add batteries, and a ‘smart pot’ will grow your plant without watering or fertilizing.

“It automatically feeds it with water; it takes care of it for you,” Andrew Felix of TechLaunchPad said.

The pots can be found at

Felix added that holiday-themed cases for smart phones and tablets are always a popular choice too. Some of his favorites are at

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