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Police: Thieves break into 39 store units at Metro-East facility

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

Police are looking for a truck that was possible used to haul away stolen loot after someone broke into a storage facility in Caseyville.


Jessica Shafer, owner of Busy Bee Storage, came to work on Monday and noticed a padlock missing from one of the units.

“As I continued to do my check, there were more units like that and I was like, ‘okay, something’s not right,’” Shafer recalled.

In total 39 units were broken into. Police believe more than one person was involved since it would have taken a couple people to lift some of the stolen items.

“Seems like most people reporting theft of construction-type tools, construction equipment, automotive tools, mostly used tools,” said Caseyville Police Chief J.D. Roth.

A security camera recorded the truck which may have been involved.

All day every day, customers can come and go through a gate with a push code access box and it’s not unusual to see people there at all hours.

Customers have to provide their own insurance coverage and the owner says 95 percent of her customers don’t bother to get additional coverage for storage units.

Shafer says reality TV shows where people find hidden treasure in storage units may have given people the wrong impression about how valuable some of the items they contain really are.

Shafer says maybe that’s why the thief or thieves targeted the facility.


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