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Apartment tennants say black mold out of control, landlords doing nothing

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

VANDALIA, Mo (KMOV.com) – Residents of a Vandalia apartment complex say black mold is growing in their homes and their property owner won’t clean it up.

Renters say they can’t afford to move and say the apartment complex owned by Terra Properties is endangering their health.

“My life could be in danger, my daughter’s life could be in danger,” said resident Stephanie Wemple. “Everybody’s life could be in danger.”

The property manager says they are aware of the complaints, and will investigate.

Residents say they dont need an investigation because it’s apparent they’re living with black mold.

“In bathrooms, under the sink, laundry room, on the walls,” resident Brittany Radford said.

Tennants say no matter how hard they clean, the mold keeps growing in their apartments.

The Illinois Health Department says mold causes flu like symptoms; and until the moisture causing the growth is found, the mold will never go away.

Property manager Beth Poe wasn’t able to answer many questions, saying the person who took the original complaint was  no longer employed there. However, she did say there was an air sample underway.  

“We did have an air sample company on the 25th to address the issue to see if we do have something going on thats airborne,” she said.

The health department confirmed mold doesn’t need to be air tested since it is visible. Poe has said now that she is in charge, the issue will be investigated. Until that investigation is resolved, residents will have to wait for a solution.  

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