Lanes of J.B. Bridge on I-255 close for emergency repairs -

Lanes of J.B. Bridge on I-255 close for emergency repairs

( – MoDOT workers were forced to close two lanes of westbound I-255 at the Jefferson Barracks Bridge Wednesday afternoon.

The workers will be performing an emergency repair and replacing a loose expansion joint on the bridge.

MoDOT says all the temperature changes have caused some of those joints to break loose and they have to fix them before the problem spreads.

If they don’t broken concrete can damage cars and create bigger problems that take even longer to fix. 

 “What happens when they break is all the connections to the concrete start breaking lose and the more of them break the fast it moves across the bridge," said MoDOT engineer Mark Croarkin. "So when we get to the point that we had two lanes broke lose we really had no choice we had to close it or the entire joint would break loose.”

Workers are expected to be on the roadway until 12 a.m. Thursday, meaning the lanes will be shut down during afternoon rush hour. 

Several News 4 viewers said traffic had started to build near the bridge due to the repairs. Drivers were urged to use alternative routes.

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