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East St. Louis plans to add more manpower to curb crime

(KMOV) – Between church members getting robbed, a woman raped near a Metrolink station and a woman shot in the head and left lying in the street, crime in East St. Louis is seemingly out of control. But now police say they have a new plan to stop the violence.

Tequila Taylor lives right around the corner from where a 29-year-old woman was found dead Tuesday morning. She says things have become so dangerous, she’s scared for her four children.

“They’ll be stuff happening around here where I stay too and I feel like I can’t even play outside no more,” said Taylor.

But while it might seem crime is on the upswing, Mayor Alvin Parks says violent crime is actually down in East St. Louis.

However, he wants residents to know at least four additional police officers will be hired.

“They’re so necessary because people love to see police actually driving by houses, by businesses, making the atmosphere feel more present,” said Parks.

The woman found Tuesday morning is well-known to police and has been arrested before. She is from Bethalto and it’s still unclear why she was in East St. Louis. Police said they have some strong leads in the case.

Parks says he’s working very closely with the police department to ensure the people of East St. Louis feel safe.

“Whether we’re talking equipment, manpower or additional training, you can always sharpen the saw,” he said. “So there’s a lot of focus on making sure the city is safe, first and foremost.”


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