Casino revenue drops across the board in St. Louis area -

Casino revenue drops across the board in St. Louis area

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By Joe Raedle By Joe Raedle

The Missouri Gaming Commission reports nearly every casino in the state saw revenue drop in January compared to last year.

While the casinos in the St. Louis area were down four percent, the largest drop in revenue in the St. Louis area was on the Illinois side.

The Casino Queen in East Saint Louis saw a drop of nearly 11 percent.

East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks says the casino employs about 200 people from East Saint Louis.

He’s not overly concerned with a one-month dip, but says if it’s a consistent pattern then he’ll be worried.

“When you get into the holiday season, especially those summer holiday months you typically see upswings in the casino queen’s revenues anyway, but if you see a consistent revenue decline then I’m sure the Casino Queen would look at its employment base,” said Parks.

Revenue from the casino is vital to East St. Louis. Up to 45 percent of the money in its general fund - which pays for police and fire departments - comes from the casinos.


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