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Woman accused of stealing from Sam's Clubs, selling items on eBay

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(KMOV) -- A Mo. Woman is accused of selling more than $200,000 in stolen i-pads and pet products. Prosecutors said 39-year-old Tammy Baggio has allegedly stolen from Sam’s Club stores in seven states.

Then she turned around and put those items up for bid on eBay.

Baggio was indicted by a federal grand jury and arraigned Tuesday.

Prosecutors said Baggio used her own membership to get into the Sam’s Club stores.

Baggio then hide pricey products in boxes that belonged to cheaper items.

The federal indictment said Baggio’s eBay account, Dynasty “041073,” was used to resell the stolen items between February and August of 2012.

Investigators said Baggio’s customers were unwilling participants in the alleged crime. 

“In most instances, if somebody buys something in good faith they don't know that they are receiving stolen property then they won't be prosecuted,” said U.S. Postal Inspector Dan Taylor, “However, in some circumstances if somebody is getting maybe too good of a deal and maybe they knew they were receiving stolen property - well then they could be prosecuted.”

Investigators don't believe the eBay bidders knew the items were allegedly stolen.

But, in many cases police will try to return property to the theft victims which can get complicated.

“Just look at the deal that you're being offered.  Is it reasonable for what you're paying?” said Taylor,
“And secondly, whether you're using pay pal or a credit card - use some kind of a 3rd party service to protect yourself with the money you're spending."

According to court records, Baggio is accused of working with another person. That person is only identified with the initials "J.B." in court records.

Officials said they are still investigating “J.B.” and that person has not yet been charged.

If convicted, Baggio could serve up to five years in prison and face fines up to $250,000.


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