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FBI investigating allegations of Alorton PD ignoring federal offense

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(KMOV.com) – A man may have gotten special treatment in Alorton after he was pulled over then let go despite possibly committing a federal crime.

News 4 received a tip from a source that members of the Alorton Police Department made an arrest in November 2012 but let the suspect go because he is a friend of the former Alorton Police Chief, Corey Allen.

On Monday, no one was on duty all day in Alorton who knew how to provide a police report but the source had a copy.

It shows a traffic stop, tickets issued and the narrative says the suspect, Fidel Garcia Rodriguez, was cited for driving with a suspended license, without insurance and no registration.

In addition to those offenses, the report says Rodriguez had a .22 rifle in his trunk. According to court documents, Rodriguez is a convicted felon having been convicted of a class 4 felony of theft in 2004. He was sentenced to one year for the offense. Additionally, as a felon he is not allowed to be in possession of a firearm.

Despite the reported possession of the .22 being a federal offense, neither the State’s Attorney, nor the U.S. Attorney were aware of the offense.

According to the original source, the head of detectives let Rodriguez go when it was realized he had a connection to Corey Allen, and there was no request for warrants.

Police Chief Thomas Howard Jr. was unavailable all day, as was the captain who allegedly let Rodriguez go.

The FBI is now investigating the case. 

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