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9-Year-old has gun pointed at his head in school bathroom

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – Officials are considering new safety measures after a St. Louis Public Schools student brought a gun onto the Jefferson Elementary School campus on Wednesday.

While the gun was found Wednesday, parents say students have told them the student had brought the gun on at least two other occassions, and one student even had it pointed at his head. 

“I was going to go wash my hands and all I know is that he put the gun up to my head, then took it down and he clicked it,” the student, whose name is being withheld, said. “Then the clip fell out and that’s when I seen the bullet, and that’s when we all ran out the bathroom.”

That incident reportedly happened Monday, and parents told News 4 students were terrorized for three days by the boy with a gun until someone finally spoke up. According to students, the boy threatened to shoot students if they told anyone about the gun.

Because of this, Nikita Lampkin said her son was too afraid to tell her he had a gun pointed at him until Wednesday.

“My heart dropped to the ground, literally," she said. "I was terrified because I didnt know what was going through his head. All I could do is hug him and kiss him and tell him I love him because he could have been gone.”

 District officials said the weapon was confiscated and the district was handling the situation with state authorities.

“Please be assured that the District will continue to review its safety policies and procedures to ensure that we are maintaining a safe and secure learning environment,” Principal Nathalie Means said in a statement sent home to parents.

However, parents are upset they were only informed through a letter and say the school should have had proper security to prevent a gun from getting into the school.

"As a parent, come on," said Anthony Rowell, stepfather of the student who was threatened. "I mean, I'm looking at the safety of all kids. If that gun would have accidentally went off, if my child wouldnt have been hit, whose child would have been?"

In the wake of the shooting, the district is examining its security policies. Spokesperson Patrick Wallace says the district takes security seriously, and is working to improve it.

“I can tell you the district puts in place as many security measures as they can to prevent any type of activity like this from happening and we review our security measures every single day to see what we can do to make them better,” he said. 

For the student who had the weapon put to his head, added security will mean little after enduring a traumatic incident.

"As a nine-year-old, somebody put a gun to your head- he sasy he clicked it out," Rowell said. "The only thing that saved his life was that the clip fell out."

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