Councilman arrested after red-light camera violation -

Councilman arrested after red-light camera violation

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. PETERS, Mo. ( -- A local city councilman ended up in jail over a red light camera ticket.

Two weeks ago, St. Charles City Councilman Joe Brazil was booked at the St. Peters Police department for not paying his red light ticket.

St. Peters police arrested Brazil after a warrant was issued when he missed a court date.

Brazil admits he made a mistake and said he thought he had paid the ticket.

“He arrested me and put me in the back seat brought me down to the lockup,” said Brazil, “took off my belt and all my personal belongings for my own safety.”  He said the police took his fingerprints and mug shot.

St. Peters Police would not comment on Brazil’s specific arrest.

In a statement, a St. Peters spokesperson said when anyone fails to appear in court a warrant is then issued for their arrest.

“I just think it's an extreme waste of police resources for a police officer to spend over 2 hours and detain someone for a non point violation," said Brazil.

St. Peters said their policy is to send letters to red light violators before warrants are issued.

But Brazil said he never received a letter from the St. Peters Police department. He said he was released from custody after he paid over $200 in fines and fees.

Officials said red light violations are handled differently by each city.




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